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Exploring Collaborations

In times when funding for emerging market projects is scarce, United Solar Group has initiated dialogues with the World Bank, particularly through its IFC and MIGA divisions. This interaction focuses on enhancing credit risk mitigation, tapping into the global expertise of an entity well-versed in renewable energy projects.

Construction and

Financing Partners

Our partnerships extend to the financial realm, where we utilise innovative strategies such as green bonds to finance our projects. This approach allows us to channel investments into renewable energy ventures effectively. Our financial partners play a crucial role in supporting these initiatives, ensuring the successful implementation of our sustainable energy projects.

Partnership Power

Innovative Finance

Sustainable Impact

Global Collaboration Initiatives

United Solar Group's commitment to global collaboration is evident in our engagements with various stakeholders. We are signing power purchase agreements and working closely with entities like Alliant, an international risk insurance company. Our plans to create a captive insurance firm to underwrite our projects through the sale and monetization of carbon credits underscore our innovative approach to financing sustainable energy projects. Our carbon credit initiative, particularly in projects like the rehabilitation of the Poonakary Tank in Sri Lanka, demonstrates our ability to generate substantial environmental and economic benefits, with carbon credits priced between $80 to $100 per metric ton due to alignment with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.