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Community Programs

Water Conservation Programs

In line with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, United Solar Group's water conservation initiatives are crucial in regions facing scarcity. By implementing solar-powered systems, we have significantly improved access to clean water, enhancing the health and resilience of numerous communities.

Employment and

Education Initiatives

Our commitment to education and employment is evident in our projects. For instance, in the Sri Lanka Solar Housing Project, we've created thousands of job opportunities and supported local educational facilities, demonstrating our dedication to nurturing skills and knowledge in renewable energy.

Local Economic Growth

United Solar Group's projects are tailored to stimulate the economies of the communities we serve. By prioritising local resources and labor, we've effectively boosted the domestic market, ensuring that the benefits of our projects contribute to sustainable, local economic growth.

Job and Income Security

United Solar Group's global projects have been instrumental in creating sustainable employment opportunities. Our strategic approach to job creation in the renewable energy sector is not just about providing work; it's about ensuring long-term income security and economic empowerment for individuals in these communities.

Local Economic Investment

Our investment in local economies is comprehensive. We not only provide financial support but also focus on capacity building and skill transfer. For example, our collaboration with the World Bank in various projects exemplifies our commitment to injecting capital and expertise into local economies, thereby promoting sustainable development and economic stability.