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Founder & President

Richard Anthony Vargas

Richard Anthony Vargas, with his extensive background in electrical engineering, computing, and telecommunications, has been pivotal in expanding USG's renewable energy initiatives. His dedication to sustainability has generated numerous employment opportunities and transformative projects in the renewable energy sector.

Leading the Renewable Energy Revolution

With an illustrious background spanning three decades, encompassing expertise in electrical engineering, computing, and telecoms, Richard has made remarkable strides across multiple industries. Fuelled by a passion for renewable energy, he has fostered collaborations with talented professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds, expanding his knowledge and mentoring others to achieve their own successes.

At the helm of a thriving global enterprise, operating across five continents, Richard has spearheaded innovative solutions that champion alternative energy sources and drive cost reductions. This commitment to sustainability has not only contributed to a brighter future for our planet but has also generated countless employment opportunities, positively transforming the lives of thousands.

Driven by an unwavering dedication to excellence and a firm belief in the transformative power of renewable energy, USG business stands at the forefront of the global stage. Together with a highly skilled team, we are revolutionizing the energy sector by creating cutting-edge solutions that maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact. With a resolute vision for a sustainable future, we are leading the charge in the renewable energy revolution.

Chief Operating Officer of Global Operations

Paul Camp

Paul Camp, as the COO for Global Projects, has led groundbreaking initiatives in sustainable investment. He has been instrumental in establishing innovative financial strategies, including the world's first green bond under the Climate Bonds Initiative.

Paul Camp, Chief Operating Officer for Global Projects at United Solar Group LLC, is a visionary leader at the forefront of transforming capital investment. He masterminded a groundbreaking US$10 Billion capital initiative, steering the course to decarbonize the shipping industry in conjunction with esteemed multilateral development banks and a sovereign-backed impact fund. This endeavor not only establishes a global precedent for sustainable investment but also underscores Paul’s financial acumen and strategic acuity, reaffirming United Solar Group LLC’s commitment to pioneering green technology solutions.

Paul’s tenacious spirit and trailblazing innovation come to the fore in his creation of the world’s first green bond under the umbrella of the global Climate Bonds Initiative. Cumulative issuances have surged to an impressive US$254 billion in 2022, a testament to his proficiency in Blue Bonds and sustainability-linked loans. This positions him to elevate United Solar Group LLC’s financial strategies, fortifying the company’s resolve to champion green initiatives and sustainability.

Armed with a multi-billion-dollar investment platform, Paul is poised to lead United Solar Group LLC into emerging markets, championing the decarbonization of countries. His instrumental role in establishing a Sustainable Notation with Lloyd’s Register, validating a vessel’s 100% sustainability throughout its lifecycle, showcases his commitment to Carbon Positivity and compliance. This notation paves the way for green financing, green bonds, blue bonds, and carbon credits, reinforcing his role as the Chief Operating Officer for Global Projects at United Solar Group LLC.

Paul Camp epitomizes exceptional leadership, financial innovation, and an unwavering commitment to sustainability. His track record of accomplishments instills utmost confidence in his pivotal role as a driving force in the realm of sustainable investment and global projects at United Solar Group LLC.

Board Advisory Member for Finance and Global Carbon Markets

Dr. Luke Kirke

Dr. Luke Kirke brings over 25 years of experience in infrastructure and capital markets. His extensive academic background and professional expertise have been crucial in United Solar Group's capital raising and financial innovation.

Dr. Luke Kirke, a seasoned professional with a career spanning over 25 years, brings a wealth of expertise to United Solar Group LLC’s capital raising capabilities. His diverse roles within Australia’s most prestigious organizations have honed his skills across a multitude of sectors, including infrastructure (social, private, and public) and property, as well as a deep understanding of international capital markets. Notable organizations in his professional journey include the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), Queensland Treasury Corp (QTC), Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC), Booz Allen Hamilton, Energex, and Aurizon, illustrating his versatility and adaptability.

Beyond his professional contributions, Luke has left a mark through critical infrastructure reviews of national significance and valuable submissions to the shaping of national competition policy via the Harper Review.  Additionally, his expertise as an expert witness on infrastructure asset pricing in commercial disputes and litigation highlights his influence in the field.

Luke’s impressive academic background underscores his deep knowledge, boasting a Bachelor of Business in Banking & Finance, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment, a Master of Applied Finance, and a PhD in Corporate Finance specializing in Financial Economics. This rich educational journey extends over 17 years of tertiary academic studies, complementing his extensive professional experience.

In summary, Dr. Luke Kirke, through his remarkable blend of experience, insight, and academic achievements, plays a pivotal role in propelling United Solar Group LLC to new heights in the realm of capital raising and financial innovation. His steadfast commitment to excellence and holistic approach to financial solutions instills unwavering confidence in his  leadership and expertise.

Chief Financial Officer

Victor Zhou

Victor Zhou, with over 30 years in the construction industry, plays a key role in United Solar Group's financial success. His expertise in global taxation and risk mitigation is vital for the company’s financial strategies and global market navigation.

Chief Financial Officer Driving United Solar Group’s Financial Success

Victor Zhou stands as an exceptional financial leader, serving as the Chief Financial Officer of United Solar Group. With over 30 years of profound knowledge in construction and a wealth of expertise in global taxation, risk mitigation, project efficiencies, profit maximization, and construction cashflow management, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring the company’s financial success while managing billions in construction capital.

Drawing on his extensive experience in the construction industry, Victor Zhou brings a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in large-scale projects. His unparalleled knowledge allows him to navigate complex financial landscapes, optimizing project efficiencies and minimizing risk. Victor’s expertise in global taxation further strengthens United Solar Group’s financial position. With an acute awareness of international tax regulations and effective tax planning strategies, he ensures the company remains compliant while capitalizing on tax optimization opportunities. His strategic approach to financial management allows United Solar Group to navigate global markets with confidence and maximize its financial  resources.

As the visionary Chief Financial Officer, Victor Zhou’s contributions to United Solar Group have propelled the company’s financial success, he spearheads the financial strategies that drive profitability and secure United Solar Group’s position as a leader in the renewable energy industry. Victor’s astute financial leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence continue to shape United Solar Group’s growth and cement its status as an industry trailblazer.

Legal Counsel

Robert Toth

Robert Toth provides exceptional legal guidance in renewable energy markets. His strategic insights and legal expertise ensure compliance and unlock growth opportunities for United Solar Group.

Visionary Legal Counsel Powering Global Renewable Energy Markets

Robert Toth stands as a prominent legal figure, serving as a visionary legal counsel for United Solar Group with a global network of legal entities ready to assist in the global renewable energy markets. With an exceptional career marked by innovation and legal expertise, he plays a pivotal role in driving the company’s success.

Leveraging his deep understanding of legal intricacies, Robert guides United Solar Group through complex regulatory landscapes with precision and finesse. His strategic insights and meticulous attention to detail ensure full compliance while unlocking growth opportunities in the renewable energy sector, positioning the company for operational excellence.

As a visionary legal counsel, Robert’s contributions extend beyond the legal realm. He brings a unique perspective to United Solar Group’s decision-making processes, leveraging his keen business acumen and strategic foresight.

Passionate about sustainability, Robert spearheads initiatives that promote environmental stewardship. His vision for a brighter future propels United Solar Group’s mission to revolutionize the renewable energy landscape.

Board Member, Green Hydrogen Advisory

Luciano Giangiordano

Luciano Giangiordano's extensive career in business development and renewable energy has been key in fostering sustainable futures and leading technology adoption at United Solar Group.

Luciano Giangiordano, the esteemed Board Advisor for Green Hydrogen and Renewable Energy at United Solar Group LLC Global Projects

With an impressive and extensive career spanning over four decades, Luciano has honed his expertise in business development, project management, marketing, and promotions, with notable achievements in renewable energy and blockchain deployment. His remarkable global track record is marked by the successful execution of innovative and impactful projects within the green economy.

As an innovator, futurist, and dedicated investor, Luciano is deeply passionate about fostering a sustainable and prosperous future for humanity. His boundless knowledge and unwavering commitment align seamlessly with United Solar Group’s ambitious pursuit of industry  leadership and cutting-edge technology adoption. His invaluable insights have been cultivated through extensive international experience across Asia, Europe, Australia, the United States, and the Middle East, navigating various industries and sectors with ease.

Over the last four years, Luciano has dedicated his efforts to establish a groundbreaking startup, “Hydroverse,” which specializes in the tracing, verification, and certification of green hydrogen, fuels, products, and supply chains. This venture introduces innovative digital technology that offers “Proof of Origin” certification, substantiating the foundation for tradable carbon certificates, ESG reporting data, and tools to facilitate the global transition to a circular economy. Crucially, it contributes to the elimination of greenwashing practices.

Luciano’s academic accomplishments include holding a Master’s degree in International Relations and another in Project Management, both awarded with “Academic Awards of Excellence” from two distinguished universities. Additionally, he possesses a Diploma in Permaculture and Urban Design,
demonstrating his commitment to sustainable urban planning.

Director of Engineering & Board Advisor

Jithin Menon

Jithin Menon leads the global engineering team at United Solar Group, bringing expertise in electrical design and project management to the forefront of the company's operations.

Leading Global Engineering Excellence for United Solar Group

Jithin Menon, a distinguished professional with a specialization in Electrical Design and Electronic Engineering, possesses a rich experience working on an array of projects spanning local and international realms. As an Accredited Professional Engineer with a masters degree, he has demonstrated his technical prowess, alongside an unwavering commitment to quality control and safety, which enables him to adeptly manage a diverse range of responsibilities.

With a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering under his belt, Jithin brings a robust technical acumen to his role as the leader of United Solar Group’s global engineering team. His expertise encompasses developing intricate electrical designs, creating layouts, delivering accurate Bill of Quantities (BOQs), sizing equipment, formulating equipment layouts, and delivering impactful technical presentations. Notably, Jithin thrives amidst complex and demanding workloads, excelling as a valuable member of multidisciplinary project teams.

Beyond his technical proficiency, Jithin possesses an engaging persona and exceptional communication skills. These qualities allow him to forge strong relationships with diverse stakeholders, effectively deliver technical information in easily understandable terms, and foster collaboration that drives outstanding outcomes.

Jithin Menon’s leadership within United Solar Group’s global engineering team sets the stage for excellence in the renewable energy sector. His expertise, coupled with his ability to manage complex projects and engage with stakeholders, propels the company towards delivering exceptional quality and driving sustainable solutions for a greener future.

Board Member, Energy and Communication Sector

Roger Jimenez

Roger Jimenez’s expertise in electrical engineering and telecommunications, including his significant role in the deployment of 5G technology, has been transformative for United Solar Group.

Transformative Expert in Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications

Roger Jimenez is an exceptional professional who combines extensive experience in electrical engineering and telecommunications with a distinguished career marked by transformative accomplishments. Notably, he played a pivotal role in the deployment of 5G technology for Siemens in Australia, an achievement that showcased his visionary leadership and commitment to pioneering technological advancements.

Roger’s experience and expertise span multiple facets of electrical engineering and telecommunications. His instrumental role in the deployment of 5G technology, an innovation that revolutionized connectivity, speaks volumes about his ability to navigate complex technological landscapes and deliver results that shape the future of telecommunications.

Currently, Roger Jimenez leads the charge for United Solar Group LLC in project acquisitions for Latin America, a role that underscores his global impact. With a keen eye for strategic opportunities, he continues to drive projects that not only advance telecommunications but also position Latin America at the forefront of technological progress on the international stage.

In summary, Roger Jimenez’s illustrious career in electrical engineering and telecommunications, marked by his instrumental role in 5G deployment, reflects his unwavering dedication to innovation and transformative projects. As he spearheads project acquisitions in Latin America, he continues to lead the charge in advancing technology and global connectivity.

"Emerging economies hold immense solar potential, a resource we at United Solar Group are committed to harnessing. Our focus on photovoltaic technology isn't just about producing energy; it's about enhancing local and global economies, bolstering energy security, and making a positive environmental impact worldwide."

— Richard Vargas, Founder & President, United Solar Group LLC