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At United Solar Group, we offer a range of investment opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

Our projects across the globe, from large-scale solar farms to innovative green hydrogen initiatives, provide attractive avenues for investment. These ventures not only promise financial returns but also contribute to environmental sustainability and social impact. Investors have the opportunity to be part of the global transition to cleaner energy, with projects that align with international sustainability goals and carbon reduction targets.

Financing Solutions

United Solar Group employs diverse financing solutions to support our renewable energy projects. We utilise a mix of equity, debt financing, and innovative financial instruments to ensure the successful implementation and sustainability of our projects. Our financing options are tailored to each project's specific needs, taking into account factors such as scale, location, and technological requirements. We work closely with our financial partners to develop effective financing structures that maximise project viability and returns for our investors.

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Flexible Financing

Tailored Strategies

Investor Returns

Green Bonds Information

Green bonds are a cornerstone of our financing strategy. These bonds are specifically designed to raise funds for environmentally friendly projects, aligning with our commitment to sustainable development. By investing in United Solar Group's green bonds, investors contribute to financing renewable energy projects that have a tangible impact on reducing carbon emissions. These bonds offer a unique opportunity for investors to support environmental goals while receiving financial returns. Our green bonds are structured to provide transparency and accountability, ensuring that the funds are used effectively for their intended green purposes.

Green Bond

Fund Collaboration

United Solar Group is forging a strategic partnership with Green Bond Corporation (GBC SARL) to fund its renewable energy projects. This alliance encompasses key agreements such as the Structured Finance & Facilitation Agreement (SFAFA) and the Environmental Credit Sales Agreement (ECSA), facilitating capital for projects like Poonakary and Garden City in Sri Lanka. United Solar Group's Green Bond Fund initiative, powered by this collaboration, positions us to issue Green Bonds into a global market worth over USD $130 trillion. This innovative approach includes generating capital through carbon credit registries, significantly contributing to non-dilutive project funding and enhancing project returns.

Pioneering Financial Models

Under the guidance of financial experts like Dr. Luke Kirke, we are pioneering new financial models to support our renewable energy ventures. Our innovative approach includes monetising carbon credits generated by our projects. For example, the Poonakary Tank project in Sri Lanka is set to create one million metric tons of carbon benefits. This translates into a substantial number of carbon credits, which can be monetised to support the project’s financing, demonstrating our ability to merge environmental impact with economic viability.