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Transforming Global Energy:

United Solar Group’s Monumental Projects

United Solar Group is leading a global renewable energy revolution with a colossal project pipeline worth over $70 billion. Our commitment extends beyond mere energy production; we are a conglomerate of visionary project leaders and emerging carbon market developers. Beginning in 2024, we embark on a 20-year journey to revolutionise clean energy.

A Diverse and Vast Global Portfolio

South East Asia

In Sri Lanka and Nepal, we're deploying large-scale solar projects with cutting-edge storage solutions, reshaping energy infrastructures.


Our initiatives in Brazil are set to be a cornerstone of the continent's solar energy transformation.


In Portugal and Greece, we're harnessing wind and solar power to pioneer Europe's green energy surge.


From Zimbabwe to Rwanda, our projects span solar, wind, and green hydrogen, making significant strides in sustainable innovation.

The Scale of Ambition

Our expansive pipeline, totalling 62GW, underscores our capability to handle projects of immense scale and complexity. We are not just constructing energy projects; we're building the future of sustainable living.

Engaging Governments and Investors

We’re developing an additional 100GW of clean energy assets and invite governments and investors to join this venture. Our approach includes innovative financing like Green Bonds and Transitional Bonds, emphasizing carbon market development and sustainable, carbon-conscious futures.

Unlocking Renewable Energy Potential

United Solar Group offers exceptional investment opportunities with government-backed off-takers, long-term PPAs, tax incentives, and profitable operations from year one. Our capacity to deploy gigawatts in high solar irradiance locations maximises both output and revenue. Our expertise extends to energy storage, wind power, green hydrogen, and waste-to-energy solutions, ready for deployment starting in 2024.
This integrated content highlights United Solar Group’s ambitious renewable energy projects, investment opportunities, and global impact, setting a comprehensive narrative for their monumental ventures.

Project Overviews

Brighter Lives

Stronger Economy

Global Partnerships

Sri Lanka Solar Housing Project

In an unprecedented move, United Solar Group is spearheading the Sri Lanka Solar Housing Project. This monumental effort will see the construction of 100,000 solar-integrated homes, significantly boosting the national grid with an addition of 2,600MW of power. Supported by a $4 billion investment, this project is more than a response to housing and power shortages; it’s a catalyst for widespread economic and social change. This initiative aligns with the goals set at COP28 and is backed by significant entities like the World Bank, illustrating our commitment to sustainable development and carbon reduction on a global scale.

Green Garden Project

The Green Garden Project epitomises our innovative approach to sustainable living. Here, solar energy solutions are seamlessly integrated into residential and commercial buildings, embodying our vision of greener, energy-efficient communities. This project not only supports the local economy but also contributes to the broader goals of environmental sustainability, aligning with several of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Brighter Lives

Stronger Economy

Global Partnerships

Sustainable Housing and Energy

At United Solar Group, our sustainable housing projects are a testament to our innovative approach to clean energy. These homes are not just structures; they are beacons of sustainability, designed to be energy-efficient and carbon-neutral. Through these initiatives, we are directly addressing crucial Sustainable Development Goals, particularly those related to sustainable cities and communities.

Development Challenges

Energy Insecurity and Supply Increase

We're tackling energy insecurity head-on by significantly increasing the supply of renewable energy. Our projects, like the Sri Lanka Solar Housing initiative, demonstrate our capacity to meet the growing energy demand with sustainable solutions. This approach is crucial for transitioning emerging markets from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.

COP28 Alignment and World Bank Support

Our efforts align with the objectives outlined at COP28, focusing on accelerating the deployment of renewable energy worldwide. The World Bank's support in our projects underscores our role in this global energy transition, contributing to the overall goal of a net-zero future.

Empowering Tomorrow's Workforce

Our projects go beyond energy solutions; they are about empowering communities. We focus on creating job opportunities, up-skilling local workforces, and fostering sustainable regional development. These initiatives are crucial for achieving not just some, but ALL of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, particularly those related to decent work and economic growth.


United Solar Group LLC stands as a leader in the renewable energy sector. Our projects are not just about decarbonising the globe; they represent a comprehensive approach to empowering communities, energising progress, and achieving global sustainability goals. Through our commitment to environmental stewardship, socio-economic growth, and alignment with international objectives like those of COP28, United Solar Group is paving the way for a sustainable, empowered future.