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At United Solar Group, we empower emerging markets to achieve energy independence by fostering partnerships between international investors and local governments.

This collaborative approach is designed to boost local employment, enhance infrastructure, and stimulate economic growth while developing carbon-neutral energy solutions that align with and surpass global COP28 climate objectives.


The Challenge and Our Commitment

Emerging economies face unique challenges – limited access to reliable energy, economic volatility, and environmental concerns. United Solar Group understands these challenges. We see them not as obstacles, but as opportunities for transformational change.
Our commitment? To provide comprehensive renewable energy solutions by uniting communities with global resources that address these challenges head-on, offering a path for local governments to offer their citizens a brighter, more prosperous future.
United Solar Group’s ambitious global projects will generate 162GW of projects over the next 15 years, empowering over 142 million households, employing 8 million workers worldwide and offering 162 million tons of carbon offsets.

Renewable Energy Revolution

Our approach is simple yet impactful. By significantly increasing renewable energy output through substantial global investment into the country, we can spark an economic and environmental renaissance. Solar and wind energy will play pivotal roles, but we're also focusing on long-duration storage and green hydrogen technologies.

Our global investment exceeds $200 billion, significantly increasing renewable energy output to energise economic and environmental progress.

This isn't just about energy; it's about empowering nations and their people.

Benefits for Emerging Economies

Economic Growth through Green Energy

Embracing renewable energy stimulates local industries, leading to a revitalised economy with broad benefits.

Environmental Stewardship

Adopting renewable energy reduces environmental impact, fostering a healthier, more sustainable natural world.

Energy Independence

Investing in renewables ensures energy self-sufficiency, reducing reliance on imported fuels and enhancing national security.

Unite for Impact

Energise Futures

Sustainable Legacy


Embracing the Future

We invite government leaders and stakeholders in emerging economies to join with United Solar Group. Together, we can unlock the immense potential of renewable energy, creating a legacy of prosperity, sustainability, and innovation.

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Enhancing Socio-Economic Growth

Our initiatives directly contribute to social and economic upliftment. By improving infrastructure, we create jobs, stimulate economic activity, and provide a platform for sustained national development.

Aligning with COP28: Over $3 trillion is needed annually to meet 2030 and 2050 Paris Agreement goals. United Solar Group is at the forefront of this transformative journey.

Infrastructure Innovation

Highlighting advancements in energy infrastructure that facilitate broader economic benefits.

Technology and Training

Showcasing how technology implementation and training programs contribute to growth.

Community Engagement

Explaining the role of community involvement in achieving socio-economic objectives.

Stable Energy

Reliable Power

Global Stability


Strengthening Energy Security

Our projects are designed to protect nations from the unpredictability of global energy markets, ensuring that energy security is stable, reliable, and continuous.

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Sustainable Housing and Energy Projects

Solving Energy Security

Implementing sustainable energy solutions to ensure reliable power supply and support national energy strategies.

Supporting Climate Goals

Assisting governments to meet COP28 objectives and reduce carbon footprints with our expertise in the carbon market.

Financial Investments

We attract significant investments into emerging countries like a recent $500 million deposit, strengthening national currency and economic stability.

Carbon Market Leadership

Supported by the World Bank, our projects are integral to the transition to clean energy, highlighting our role in the burgeoning Carbon Market.

Impactful Community Programs

Water and Employment

Initiatives targeting water conservation and job creation to build resilient communities.

Local Economic Investment

A commitment to using local goods and services, enriching the domestic market.

Global Collaboration

Facilitating partnerships that bring international expertise and development funds to local shores.

Job and Income Security

Generating sustainable employment opportunities, securing livelihoods for thousands.

Housing Solutions

Constructing quality homes for the homeless and low-income earners, enhancing living standards.

Tailored energy solutions that prioritize the well-being of people and the planet.

Brighter Lives

Stronger Economy

Global Partnerships


Sustainable Housing and Energy in Sri Lanka

We’ve recently secured an agreement with the local government of Sri Lanka to tackle Sri Lanka’s pressing issues of power shortages and housing deficits. Our ambitious plan involves building 100,000 solar-integrated homes, adding a significant 2600MW of power to the national grid.


This groundbreaking project, anchored by a 25-year partnership, promises more than just infrastructure; it’s set to create over 5,000 jobs, provide homes for 100,000 families, and ensure nationwide energy security.


The project is propelled by a $4 billion investment from international sources, a significant contribution that enriches Sri Lanka’s economic stability and currency strength without burdening the national budget. This project is part of our larger vision to support emerging countries, contributing to the global network of renewable energy solutions.

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Richard Vargas – Chairman and Founder

How does United Solar Group tailor its solutions to different countries?

What measures are in place to ensure the sustainability of these projects?

How will this initiative impact local employment?

Our projects are designed to create numerous job opportunities, fostering local talent and building skillsets that propel communities forward.

How does United Solar Group support global climate goals?

We align with COP28 initiatives, contributing significantly to the $3 trillion annual investment required to achieve 2030 and 2050 targets.

United Solar Group is dedicated to creating a sustainable, equitable future where renewable energy and community development go hand in hand.

Join us as we build the foundation for a thriving, empowered, and energy-secure world.

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